Quick fixes to hide that you’re a secret slob

December 20th, 2013 Category: Industry News

There are some people who take absolute joy in cleaning. They eagerly don their marigolds and set to work scrubbing the oven like most of us would go about eating a bar of chocolate.

Their houses are always prepared for the unexpected guest. The windows are smear free, the couch cushions are perfectly plumped and the air is filled with the scent of lemons.

For the rest of us, as soon as we hear a knock at the door there is a mad dash to make the house look at least a little bit presentable.

If you realise on Christmas morning that you foolishly agreed to host the festivities this year and your guests will be arriving within just a few hours, you may need some tips and tricks to hide your terrible secret from your friends and family: you are a secret slob!

The dishes

How often do you leave things to “soak” in the sink only to abandon them until you run out of clean dishes?

Now is the time to wash them. Focus on the things you’ll need for your guests first: glasses, cutlery, dishes and mugs.

And for everything else, make use of your dishwasher!

The clothes

Has your dining table become the resting place for clean laundry that is desperately waiting to be ironed?

You probably won’t have time to wash your dirty laundry and iron the clean stuff before people start to arrive, so iron what you need and dump everything else in bin bags.

Put the bins bags wherever you can, like your wardrobe, under the stairs or in the garage. 

The sofa

If your settee is covered in a myriad of stains or pet hair, then it is incredibly unlikely that you’ll be able to clean it before people need to sit on it.

Flip the sofa cushions to reveal the cleaner side or, if you’ve done this in the past and the other side is just as bad, a few throws and blankets will cover a multitude of sins.

The floor

Can you remember the last time you cleaned the floor? Well, better late than never.

Channel your inner Freddie Mercury and power through the house with the vacuum.

Run it over your kitchen, bathroom and living room floors to get rid of any obvious bits of rubble that’s accumulated there.