The invention that will end office arguments about washing the dishes

December 19th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

If you are confronted by a stack of dirty dishes in the office kitchen everyday then you may just jump for joy at Tomorrow Machine’s new invention: self-cleaning dishes.

You’ve tried cleaning rotas and yet a discussion about washing the dishes devolves into a “well I did it last time, it’s your turn” argument. The dishes just sit and fester until somebody just can’t take it anymore and has to clean them.These days could soon be over. 

Swedish design company, Tomorrow Machine and research company Innventia were asked by the Swedish Forest Industries Federation to visualise new uses for cellulose harvested from Swedish forests in the future.

The collaborative team created prototype tableware that will never need to be cleaned, as it is capable of doing the washing up itself. Well, it can’t walk over to the sink and run the taps but its special surface can resist dirt.

Innventia developed the cellulose-based material, which is able to be incredibly strong but stay feather-light and it can be moulded into double-curved surfaces.

According to online magazine Dezeen, the designers claim: "The product not only saves resources during the manufacturing process, but also over its full life-cycle, not requiring water and chemicals to be kept clean.”

To create the tableware, the cellulose pulp is first made into a sheet and then heat pressed into a mould. 

Hanna Billqvist of Tomorrow Machine told the online publication: "The material becomes as hard as a regular ceramic product, but with the advantages that it is lightweight and won't crack or break in case it's dropped.”

The coating is a brand new technology that has been developed by KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. It is able to mimic the surface of a lotus leaf, which can resist dirt and water. 

Designers used a marbling technique to decorate the tableware, so it is pretty and intelligent.

Tomorrow Machine's creation means in the future it will be OK to leave the dirty dishes on the side as they’ll clean themselves and they could have ended the washing up war in the office.