A vacuum made to solve all your problems?

December 17th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

Could Moneual have created a vacuum that solves all your problems? Well, really it will only solve the problems relating to the cleanliness of your floors but it will certainly make you happier. The Hybrid H67 Rydis can adapt to hard and carpeted floors and it mops as well as vacuums!

The Hybrid H67 Rydis is a robot vacuum that is equipped with a wet mop feature and seven different cleaning modes. It can simply vacuum the floors, or just mop or it can do both simultaneously! 

All the normal effort involved in cleaning the floor is eliminated by this machine. You don’t have to take the vacuum out of the cupboard, put it back, find the mop bucket, fill it, mop the floors and put that back. You just turn this machine on and leave it to its own devices. 

When the machine is simply in its mop mode it can work for up to five hours without needing to be charged. Think about what you could do with the time you save by letting the Hybrid Rydis H67 do all the hard work for you.

The robot is armed with twin side brushes that are able to clean corners that traditional vacuum cleaners aren’t able to reach. 

All the fiddling you normally need to do just to clean one room is eradicated. You don’t need to stop to change attachments or, in reality, stop to find the attachments to the vacuum. 

This clever little machine is able to use the in-built multi-suction brush to sweep and collect dust, while a detachable microfibre wet mop cleans hard floor surfaces. 

The Hybrid Rydis H67 is so intelligent that when the mop unit is attached it can recognise the difference in floors and will not go on to a carpeted area. This means no soggy carpets!

You can also programme the robot to clean at the same time everyday. The machine has a reservation mode which means that it comes to life at the specified time and goes to work. This means that the floors will be cleaned consistently without you having to do it yourself.

This little robot also has a shadow mode which programmes the Hybrid Rydis H67 to clean under tables, beds and other furniture that may be missed during regular cleaning.