Beat the new year blues by having a ‘winter’ clean

December 13th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

The excitement over having a break from the office over Christmas is probably starting to build. 

You’ve become preoccupied with thoughts of days where you don’t have to change out of your pajamas and you salivate at the mere mention of a turkey dinner.

Return to work in January probably haven’t even crossed your mind – but maybe it should.

Have a look around the office. The stacks of paper on the desk, the broken monitor and dodgy chair will all be waiting for you after Christmas. That is, unless you have a big clear out before the break so the office is free of clutter in the new year.

You know what they say, a tidy room means a tidy mind. Just think of it as a spring clean in winter.

Climb the paper mountain on your desk

By now, your desk is probably piled high with documents and bits of paper that you've added to the mountain with the honest intentions of sorting it out later. 

When was the last time you had a sort through? Get rid of everything that is unnecessary – obviously sticking what you can in the paper recycling bin – and file the rest away in the appropriate place.

A study from Kyocera Document Solutions estimates that the average worker uses 6,000 sheets of paper a year and wastes 3,200 of them! So get recycling wherever you can.

Get rid of the chair graveyard

Is there a corner of the office where old and broken chairs go to die? Or a room filled with useless components from a computer? 

December is the perfect time of year to arrange to get these bits removed from the office. 

Employees will be happy as they won’t keep bumping into broken chairs and any official visitors to the office will be pleasantly surprised at how clear and tidy it is.

Evict the family of mould from the fridge

How many times have you forgotten to take your yoghurt out of the office fridge at lunch time? 

It probably has a full family of mould and bacteria living in it. Before everybody leaves for the Christmas break, get together and empty everything out of the fridge.

There is nothing that could make you feel bluer than coming back January and accidentally making your morning coffee with chunky style milk.