3 things guaranteed to annoy an obsessive cleaner

December 12th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

If your friends and family often compare you to Monica from friends or Anthea Turner then you are probably an obsessive cleaner.

You run your house like an army general – everything has its place and friends think twice before putting a mug down on the coffee table without using a coaster.

Vacuuming is your equivalent of raking the sand in a zen garden –  feeling a sense of utter peace as you form perfect lines in the carpet as you go. For you, the smell of bleach is akin to the fine bouquet of a vintage wine.

It is unlikely that anybody else’s home will meet your sky-high standards of cleaning, but some things you just can’t ignore.

Here are three things that are guaranteed to get under the skin of any obsessive cleaner.

1) Smudges on stainless steel 

Keeping any stainless steel surface can be tough, but a strange sense of satisfaction can be gained by rubbing away the dirt and making it shine.

However, walking into a kitchen to find finger smudges on the stainless steel oven or hob is enough to make an obsessive cleaner faint from shock.

Who knows what those finger smudges are made of? Last night’s dinner or last month’s? You just can’t tell!

2) Water rings on furniture

In your own home there is probably a coaster waiting patiently on any surface where somebody might set down a drink – it's just common sense, right?

Apparently not for everyone. You may go round to a friend's home for a coffee and search hopelessly for a coaster to rest your mug on. Your friend then says “Oh, just put it anywhere”. It’s barbaric!

You have to resist the urge to run into the kitchen and arm yourself with a cloth to get rid of the water rings on the coffee table. At least you know what to get this friend for Christmas!

3) Hand marks on glass

The glass in your french doors is so clean that you often forget that they’re closed and walk into them – the danger is worth it.

It’s unsurprising then, that when you are in a friend’s home and see their child pressing their face against the conservatory door that you can feel your cheeks burning.

Your friend laughs it off saying “Don’t kids do the funniest things?” You smile and make a mental note not to touch any of the doors in the house, just in case.