Say hello to the hoover that can suck up a bowling ball

December 11th, 2013 Category: Educational Establishments Office Cleaning

Try to imagine a moonlit New York skyline – the camera slowly panning to reveal a luxury apartment. 

A beautiful woman is walking towards the camera, wearing an elegant black number. She walks towards a cupboard, the door obscuring her from view. You expect her to pull out a bottle of designer perfume but instead she pulls out a vacuum. Doesn’t seem right, does it?

Vacuum cleaners aren’t generally at the centre of a media storm, they’re not seen as sexy and they don’t usually come with a celebrity endorsement. However, the Panasonic MC-HS700G vacuum deserves the hype. 

The MC-HS700G has a “hybrid” design which means it can operate cordlessly. No more having to yank the cord when it becomes trapped under a chair leg or around a door! 

The machine has newly developed high-power lithium ion batteries which are able to charge your smartphone or other mobile device via USB. Perfect for a cleaner who is down to their last bar of charge when they get to work.

Have you ever sucked up a malteaser with a straw? Well, you can do the same with the MC-HS700G, just replace the malteaser with a bowling ball! Panasonic claims that its new vacuum has such a powerful suction that it can lift a six pound bowling ball off the ground.

The machine boasts a few nifty attachments, including a rotating brush unit with twin LED lights that shine on dirt and debris in its path. The handle also has a display that lights up if it senses dust, registering particles as small as 20 microns that are invisible to the human eye.

So you don’t even have to bother looking if you’ve missed a spot!

Panasonic has fitted its new vacuum with some power saving features as well. The MC-HS700G has an automatic idling mode when the nozzle is lifted off the floor and it uses less power when there is less dirt to clean up.

For the vacuum connoisseur, Panasonic has given its MC-HS700G a sporty look with green on silver trims. 

However, the machine is quite heavy, weighing in at around 15 pounds – so you’ll feel the burn as you’re lugging it up and down the stairs. Also, the battery power isn’t great – a five hour charge will only provide 20 minutes of power when the machine is in automatic mode.

Panasonic's MC-HS700G is currently only available in Japan and sells for $725 (£443).