Avoid germs in the office without wearing a SARS mask

December 9th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

It can prove to be especially difficult to ward off coughs and colds when you work in an office, as there are hundreds of thousands of bacteria festering on surfaces you use every day.

You are probably already aware that not everybody is very good at washing their hands after trip to the bathroom. They could pass nasty bacteria like E. coli, the faecal germ that causes heavy bouts of gastrointestinal infection, on to their colleagues.

If you hot desk, your work station could be used by a number of people who leave bacteria behind just for you.

Here are some simple tips to help keep your office healthier.

Wash your hands

Sounds obvious, yes, but does everybody do it? Probably not.  

Research from hand hygiene experts Cuticura suggests that one in five does not wash their hands after using their bathroom –  a statistic that may have you reaching for the antibacterial hand gel if you’re one of the four in five that does wash your hands.

Washing your hands is probably the simplest way to avoid spreading and catching viruses, just make sure you do it properly. Thrusting your hands in water for ten seconds does not make them clean.

Use hot water and antibacterial soap then rinse thoroughly. Finally, make sure you dry them properly as germs can multiply rapidly on moist hands.

Clean your desk

You do not want to know what nasty things are currently living on and in between the keys on your keyboard. 

You subject your keyboard to a daily bashing with sweaty fingers and you’ve probably sneezed on it once or twice. Poor thing!

Giving your equipment a good clean will drastically cut your risk of catching a virus from it, meaning you’re less likely to get sick. 

Don’t share your meal with your desk

It can be very tempting to eat your lunch at your desk as you can't seem to find the time to pull yourself away from the computer.

However, by chomping on your sandwich at your desk you are in effect sharing it with your keyboard. Stray crumbs find their way into all the cracks and crevices, where they will stay and fester.

Eating at your desk dramatically decreases the hygiene of your workstation. 

So spend your lunch in the canteen or break room or go outside and enjoy time away from your computer.