How to avoid a ‘mice’ surprise in the office this winter

December 5th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

Cold weather could mean that one day when you walk into the kitchen you are confronted by evidence that a mouse has taken up residence in your office.

House mice are not like cartoon rodent Jerry, they will not become involved in comical capers that will provide you and your colleagues with hours of entertainment. Instead, they will leave a trail of faeces wherever they go and help themselves to the contents of your cupboards.

If that wasn’t enough to turn your stomach, then perhaps the fact that a female mouse can give birth to up to 60 babies in her lifetime will. Your office kitchen could become the family home to a whole clan of mice. 

Sound appealing? No? Here are a few tips to keep your kitchen Jerry and friends free.

"Bin" there, done that

It sounds obvious, but emptying the kitchen bin is one of the easiest ways to avoid attracting mice. It’s the human equivalent of the all-you-can-eat buffet being closed. 

Having a bin with a tight fitting lid is also really important as mice can get through gaps that are as narrow as the width of a pencil.

Oh, crumbs

Keeping kitchen sides clear of any food debris will also keep the chances of developing a mouse problem low. 

If your worktops are consistently covered in crumbs then mice will appear and return as they have a constant supply of food. 

It’s important to mop up any spilled water and turn taps off properly as mice can survive on the tiniest amounts of water. 

Make the office less "holey"

Sticking a bit of blu-tac in a hole is not going to stop a mouse from entering the office. If you can, make a list of any areas you can see that could allow a mouse in. 

Pass these findings on to the building manager so they can go about filling the holes with appropriate materials. Getting the building manager to conduct routine inspections would also be useful to avoid any encounters of the mouse kind.