The TV characters you’d let clean your house

December 4th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

Cleaners are never really given the kudos they deserve in television shows and sitcoms. The spotlight never seems to shine on them.

Characters who enjoy keeping a clean and spotless house are often unfairly seen as the weird one, the bizarre neighbour or the obsessive friend.

Here are the top TV cleaners that should be given the highest accolade possible – allowing them into your home to give it a good spring clean.

Monica from ‘Friends’

Monica Geller is the friend that everyone should have. She revels in the most basic of cleaning tasks and keeps her apartment spotless. 

Nothing is safe from her compulsion to clean. She is so determined to clean every speck of dust that she has a smaller vacuum to clean the bigger one.

Once Monica was inside your house she would deep clean the place with the efficiency and precision of an army major.


Yes he is a serial killer. Yes he is mentally unbalanced. And, yes, he is a little bit anal but all this adds to up someone who has excellent attention to detail when it comes to cleaning.

He’s a regular expert at getting out the toughest stains: chocolate, red wine, tomato soup and blood!

Dexter will always be prepared for the messiest jobs, you can be sure he’ll pack his wipe clean apron and latex gloves.

The Cleaner

If your house resembles Bernard Black’s in any way shape or form then you need The Cleaner. 

He’s a man who really enjoys his job and would be happy to get his hands “dirty” for you.

The Cleaner really wants to clean your house inside and out.

Bree Van der Kamp 

Who better to clean your house than a woman who keeps her suburban home immaculate no matter what drama is unfolding around her?

Flame-haired Bree Van der Kamp is a domestic goddess. She would clean your house from top to bottom and then probably bake you some scones after.