You’ve got to fight, for your right to…flush!

November 28th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

The European Commission controversially announced that they would be limiting the power of vacuums earlier this year and now they have published a report suggesting that the flushing of toilets should be restricted.

You only have to look at the results from polls that ask which room is the worst to clean, or which chore do people dread doing, to see that the bathroom can be a cleaning nightmare. Some people are so apprehensive about cleaning the toilet that they protect themselves, almost donning hazmat suits before they will approach it.

The European Commission’s proposal would restrict how much water a toilet is allowed to use per flush. Toilets would only be allowed to use five litres of water and urinals would use one per go. This, in theory, is a more efficient use of water and reduces the amount we waste. 

At the moment, the UK has restricted the amount of water used in a flush to six litres. The new proposal wants to reduce that. We all know that not everything disappears on the first flush, so how many attempts would it take if there was less water to wash away the evidence.

It could be worse, however – their original proposal wanted to limit a toilet’s flush to three litres and a urinal’s to half a litre. Thankfully, this proposition was rejected – so professional cleaners can take a collective sigh of relief.

According to the European Commission, us Brits are the worst culprits for flushing too much. In 2010, we used 1,125 million cubic metres of water just to flush the toilets in our own houses. 

On average, Europe uses 25 per cent of domestic water to flush its loos; in Britain we use approximately 30 per cent. 

It is unclear how the European Commission could enforce the new rules as many old toilets use up to nine litres of water to flush. Perhaps men in suits and sunglasses will turn up at your door and take you away if you are guilty of using too much water to flush your toilet.

Beware Britain!