Weird and wonderful gadgets to clean your keyboard

November 26th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

Have you ever really looked at your computer keyboard? Drop your eyes down right now and get as close as you’re willing to. Can you see the crumbs from yesterday’s sandwich? Maybe it’s the remnants of a biscuit you had last month?

I hate to tell you this, but your desk is hotbed of bacteria and germs. Your keyboard alone contains 70 per cent more bacteria than a toilet seat, and the part of the desk where you rest your hands boasts around 10,000 bacteria.

Suitably grossed out? Fear not, there are some weird and wonderful gadgets on sale that will help you deep clean your desk and maybe allow you eat your lunch at your desk without feeling a bit queasy.

Cyber-Clean goo

Do you remember those tubs of goo you could buy as a kid? You stuck your fingers in it and it made rude noises. The Cyber-Clean goo is a similar concept, minus the toilet noises.

The compound, as it is technically known, is a bright yellow, viscous and elastic goo. You pull it out of the container and press it on to the keyboard and because of its consistency it goes into all the crevices removing dirt and killing germs.

You can use it on other devices as well or just relive your youth and stick your fingers in it.

Desk hoover

Is there something out there that cleans as well as providing hours of entertainment? Yes my friend, there is.

Meet the desk hoover, a little version of Henry Hoover that has enough suction to clean crumbs off your desk and keyboard.

It also has enough suction to latch on to your colleagues’ clothes meaning you will never be bored with Henry at your side.

Canless air system

If leaf blowers have taught us anything, it's a great blast of air is the perfect remedy for getting rid of something.

A canless air system can blow out air at up to 200mph! Directing it at your keyboard will dislodge any pesky crumbs that have made a home.

Using it to pass Malteasers to your colleagues will make you the office champion.