2050: An urban odyssey

November 22nd, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

Veolia Environmental Services, a UK recycling and waste management company, believes that we will be living with in a house with our very own version of HAL 9000 from the 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Unfortunately, it won’t be happening in the near future as Veolia predicts that we will have to wait until 2050 for our very own robot house.

The company teamed up with the London School of Economics to produce a report that envisages homes with nanoscopic robots sorting materials, self-cleaning bathrooms and ultrasonic baths.

The nanoscopic robots would be tiny machines that sort through your rubbish bins, separating general waste from paper, tins and bottles. These would be a God send for anybody who gets a bit peaky when the pungent aroma from the bin hits them as they attempt to throw the empty dog food tins away.

Once they sort it, they devour it! This means our homes will be completely bin-less – no more sour smelling waste to deal with, no fear of getting bin juice on your shoes when you’re trying to empty it and no more fights about whose turn it is to put the bins out! This invention alone would reduce household bickering as well as waste.

The report also predicts that even food packaging would intelligent, automatically degrading when the food inside reaches its sell-by-date.

According Veolia’s report, our bathrooms would be self-cleaning! No more scrubbing toilets while desperately attempting not to pass out from the bleach fumes.

The baths would be ultrasonic, meaning they would use ultrasound and water to clean itself. All the surfaces in the bathroom would have this technology in-built so we wouldn’t have to lift a finger.

The water produced from our taps will be purified, removing harmful bacteria so it is 100 per cent safe to drink. Even washing your hands will be turned into a futuristic experience – the taps would also be fitted with sensors that automatically turn off when all of the dirt and germs have been completely removed from your hands.

This technology could easily be modified to work in offices and schools.

Sadly, its going to be at least 40 years before our houses our fitted with HAL 9000-esque technology. It could also never happen. The 1939 World of Tomorrow Fair in New York believed that by now we’d all have our own talking robots that had a particular penchant for smoking cigarettes!