The robot that’s happy when it’s cleaning windows

November 21st, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

In 1936, George Formby would never even have contemplated serenading audiences with a song about cleaning windows if he’d had access to a robot that did it for him. Instead he would have been singing “When Winbot’s cleaning windows!”

The Winbot is the latest addition to an ever-expanding family of cleaning robots. Its primary directive? To give you clean and sparkling windows. According to the designers, when placed on a glass surface the robot automatically works out how big the window is before it zips back and forth until the glass is spotless and perfectly clean.

Gone are the days of avoiding standing on your tiptoes reach the top of the window, this clever machine is equipped with its own in-built squeegee and a drying pad! It has suckers attached to it and a safety pod to make sure it doesn’t fall off the window.

This clever little machine appears to be the cure for all those who would rather take a trip to the dentist than clean the windows. Phobics who only resort to getting the glass cleaner out from under the sink when they can no longer see the outside world any more. Just sit back and point the remote…

Well actually, the human race hasn’t quite been made obsolete just yet, you will need to give your robot a hand every now and again. The Winbot must be physically placed onto the window, it doesn’t yet scuttle across the carpet and climb up the wall! The robot doesn’t hold any fluid either, so you would need to spray your windows or the cleaning pads with something before you placed it on the glass. If there is a particularly tough mark or stain you may need to use the remote control to politely ask the Winbot to reclean the area.

It could easily be used in large scale offices or simply at home, that is if you’re willing to pay the hefty $400 (£250) price tag. The Winbot is also not yet available in the UK, so don’t throw your cleaning supplies away just yet.