Cleaning kingpin of the future collects 40 vacuums

November 8th, 2013 Category: Building Management

For most youngsters these days, the technology they want to be wrapped up under the tree on Christmas morning will normally be the latest smartphone, games console or tablet computer.

However, one young boy has proved his credentials as a future kingpin of the cleaning industry with his rather unique hobby.

While others are playing the latest Grand Theft Auto, Fifa and Call of Duty games, nine-year old Harry Burrows from Halesown in the Midlands is checking over his collection of vacuum cleaners.

The youngster's interest in the hoovers, he told the Daily Mail, first started when he was a baby and his mother and father would use the sound of the vacuum cleaner to soothe him and help him drift off to sleep.

"His obsession with vacuums started almost from the day Harry was born," said his father Paul.

"We used to notice he would sleep right through if we did housework with the hoover on but would scream the house down if it was quiet."

Since then, he has built his collection up considerably, and he now has 40 of the cleaning wonders in his possession, a collection that he spends all of his time tending for.

He said he spends his time with his grandfather repairing and cleaning the vacuums at home, giving him a real understanding of their workings. Who knows, with such an interest, young Harry could well become the next James Dyson.

Harry also spends all of his pocket money on his collection, which he has built up through attending various car boot sales and second hand shops. He even has an eBay alert that tells him whenever someone adds a new hoover to the site.

In the collection, Harry said he even has a few very unique additions. These include the likes of a 1930s Electrolux – which he has entered into a local competition to find the oldest working domestic electrical appliance in the Black Country.

"I don't really know why I like them so much – perhaps it's because my grandpa is an electrician," Harry said.

"My favourite is a 1960s Dirt Devil because it's the best for picking up my Jack Russell dog Jacket's hairs."