Toilet-themed restaurant opens in Los Angeles

November 6th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

Bathrooms and food – these may not be two things we naturally think of together, but one innovative restaurant owner in the US has replaced the soup bowl with the toilet bowl in his establishment.

We've all yearned after a toilet floor we could eat our dinner off, and a dirty bathroom is the bane of many people's lives, but diners at the Magic Restroom Cafe in Los Angeles will be looking for even more stringent cleaning schedules in what is the nation's first toilet-themed eatery.

The trend is one that has risen to prominence in parts of Asia and the Far East in particular in recent times, but the adventurous method has never been brought west until now.

Customers at the restaurant are invited to enjoy their evening meal while they are sat on toilets rather than chairs, with some customers even opting to use the convenient toilet bowl beneath them as a storage space for phones, keys and wallets.

Perhaps even more outlandish, and not one for the squeamish, the traditional plates and bowls have gone as well, with food served in mini urinals and toilets to really play off the restaurants rather adventurous theme.

It may not be the sort of place the average contract cleaner will want to eat at the end of the day, but customers will definitely be glad to see someone milling around with a cloth and some cleaning solution to ensure the restaurant adheres to hygienic standards. 

One happy diner said of the theme: "The way they serve us on top of some toilet dishes and sitting on top of a toilet seat, it's very unique," before adding that the overall atmosphere and presentation was "hilarious."

With the trend on the shop floor leaning towards all things toiletry though, one does get left to wonder what they will find in the bathrooms themselves. However, it seems highly unlikely that fridges, tables and chairs will have replaced the traditional in this area of the cafe.