Cleaning with a smile: The ritual bound to bring happiness

November 5th, 2013 Category: Educational Establishments

Cleaners – the happy, smiling pillars of office and school society. We all come into contact with happy-go-lucky staff in this sector at one time or another, and it seems there is a reason for it after all. 

Cleaning, it has been claimed in a new study, is one of the biggest stress relievers around.

Dr Kai Kaspar, from the University of Cologne, said that cleaning following a bad event is a common practice for people because it helps them to feel less uptight and return to a happier state.

General cleanliness makes people feel less stressed, according to the researcher, who gave subjects a near impossible task to complete, and then when they failed, he sent some off to wash their hands, before concluding that those who did so ended up generally happier than their counterparts who did not.

Could this be the secret to cleaner workspaces and schools as well then? Next time a member of staff feels like they are tackling something that is not possible, why not send them off to wash their hands, clean a few desks or empty the bins?

It may seem like a strange choice, but it could be worth employing if it helps to lower the stress levels in the office and keeps people happier when they are at work.

Of course, cleaning not only reduces stress through the act itself, but also helps to get rid of some of the major causes of angst and the lack of ability to concentrate. 

If you take the chance to clean when you are stressed out at the desk, you might just end up totally decluttering your workspace, and who knows, the next time you start to feel like something is getting on top of you, your surroundings might help to keep you calm. 

In short, remove stress balls from the office, and replace them with a pile of scouring pads, cloths and mops – you never know, the results may just astound you.