Will the EU weaken our vacuum cleaners?

November 4th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

Cleaners across the UK could see their jobs become harder in the next few years after the European Union (EU) suggested it could make vacuum cleaners weaker, but could it all be worth it?

New rules due to come into force from 2014 would see the power that motors in vacuums are allowed to output limited in order to reduce the amount of energy they consume, a move that could see more cleaning companies become eco-friendly.

From September 2014, new vacuums will be limited to having a motor that does not exceed 1,600W, and this will then change again in 2017, when they will be restricted to 900W.

At the current time, the average  vacuum has an output of 1,800W, and some use as much as 2,200W of power.

However, while the move will have good implications for those cleaning contractors with green credentials in mind, there are many who are worried this will hamper their work in the future and make it harder to properly clean buildings.

Linda Dykes, a professional cleaner who has appeared on the Channel 4 programme Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners, told the Sunday Times: "The more powerful the hoover is, the greater the suction.
“People who don't know much about vacuums don't think the wattage is important, but people that know about them do."

And one of the vacuum-cleaner market A-list, Sir James Dyson, has also spoken out against the potential this has for the market.

The creator of the most famous brand in this sector said it will not guide people towards buying more efficient and good performing models, but instead just focuses on making sure the energy efficiency credentials are the main point companies need to look at.

Sir James said: “The energy label could have guided people towards high performing, energy efficient vacuum cleaners. Instead it will mislead people by overstating the energy efficiency of old fashioned technology which loses performance in the home.”