The human touch: The real future of cleaning

October 29th, 2013 Category: Building Management

Technology may be getting more and more intuitive all the time, but the age of the friendly cleaner, complete with a smile and a mop, is not over yet, if new research from Europe is to be believed.

Despite the capabilities to do so, robot cleaning methods have been largely rejected by residents in Denmark who were the subject of research into the future of the sector.

Elderly residents who have their homes cleaned by visitors were trialled with some robot vacuum cleaners, but the quality of life for those who welcomed the mechanical cleaners was greatly reduced compared to those who had their home cleaned in the traditional way.

Danish policymakers put real faith behind the robotic cleaners, with some 66 per cent of local authorities in the nation having employed the Wall-E like busybodies to do the arduous task of cleaning carpets countrywide.

However, despite the fact these type of automated cleaners have spawned some rather humorous videos of cats hitching a ride on them while they set about their daily tasks, their comparison to living and breathing cleaners has not been favourable.

It seems that nothing can truly replace the smile and friendly conversations of real human contact for residents, office workers or students, even if the alternative is futuristic and extra efficient.

In Denmark, in fact, many people are still so happy to have cleaning contractors around that they are paying privately for them to come around and clean their house, rather relying on the council-funded androids to do a quick whisk around the carpet.

So, at least for the foreseeable future, cleaning seems to be one area where technology is not about to fully take over. While we all appreciate the chance to save money in business, the use of robots over the simple human touch still leaves a lot to be desired in certain areas of our daily lives.