Half term: Make sure the school is ready for returning pupils

October 25th, 2013 Category: Educational Establishments

Schools are hard to keep clean throughout the year, with pupils preoccupied with more than making sure they clean up after themselves.

However, giving them a clean and tidy environment to work in is key to making sure that students are doing as well as they can and getting the education they need – with this in mind, why not use the school holidays as a perfect time to make sure the school is working for those who use it most?

The time during the holidays can be the best time to do this, with the school empty for a week, and cleaners not having to work around pupils and members of staff.

Some of the best places to target will be the likes of the toilets, dining areas and changing rooms, where deep cleaning can be a good way to make sure they are hygienic as possible and sparkling for the return of pupils. 

Other areas that can be looked at will be the most common communal areas. In secondary schools this might include the likes of common rooms, which are never the most well looked after.

And it's not just cleaning firms that can use this time to make sure the whole school looks great. For any teachers keen to make sure they give pupils the perfect place to come back to and work in after their break, staying behind on the Friday can be a great way to do so.

It will not take all that long to go around the classroom, tidying things away, filing papers and throwing out rubbish that is no longer needed.

While it may be the last thing anyone wants to do before they go off for a week to enjoy some peace and quiet, it can be hugely beneficial.

On that first Monday morning back, when everyone is feeling a little less than enthused about being back at school, the fact they have a nice environment to work in can make all the difference to allowing them to want to learn.