UK staff revel in ‘that Friday feeling’

October 24th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

Monday morning is notoriously a difficult time for businesses to make sure their staff are motivated and hard at work. 

However, according to a new report from British Airways, Friday afternoon is also a difficult time to keep the desire to work consistent, with many members of staff dreaming of their Saturday and feeling far less productive.

Professor Frank Bond, a leading expert in Occupational Psychology, who has worked with British Airways, said: ''With most people working more than their contracted hours, it is perhaps no surprise that people tend to take their foot off the pedal on Friday afternoons.

''It's certainly not ideal to have important meetings at the end of the week, as we wind down for the weekend. In most cases, that meeting can wait until Monday morning."

The study found that some 60 per cent of workers feel they are almost entitled to wind down earlier on a Friday because they have worked hard throughout the week. It said 2.39pm is the time when staff start to look towards Saturday.

Facebook, online shopping and general net browsing are popular Friday afternoon activities, with a quarter of people saying they ignored important emails and 28 per cent putting tasks back to Monday during this time.

Can businesses use this to their advantage though? According to the findings, 47 per cent of bosses become far more lenient on Friday afternoons, so why not use this time to your advantage?

One thing you might look to do is to try to get staff involved in the cleanliness and general atmosphere of the office. Use this time to allow them to clear all the rubbish from their desks and get their recycling done. 

This will take their minds away from work while also making sure people are well prepared for Monday mornings when they come back from the weekends to a clean desk.

You might even try a more fun approach. A happy office is about more than just cleanliness. Ask staff if they would like to see desks rearranged and how they would do this. Engage them and try different set ups that can help increase office harmony.