Office cleaning: Focus on the communal areas

October 18th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

When it comes to office harmony, making sure the place is clean and tidy is one of the key factors involved. 

However, while this can often be left down to the individual in terms of their own desk space, it can also be important to focus on areas that a lot of people use every day.

For example, the kitchen and the bathrooms are places that will get heavy use every day, and are areas of the office that everyone has to visit throughout the day – so keeping these in order is central to having a happy workplace.

In the kitchen, staff will regularly come and go to make coffees and to prepare their lunch, so this is an area where hygiene is paramount.

If the worktops are filthy and bins are overflowing, for example, it will make for a negative space that people would rather avoid.

You can help to keep the space in order by setting out a rota for the kitchen. Try to make it so there are perhaps two people responsible for the kitchen each day.

They can be tasked with making sure that the bins are emptied and the worktops are wiped down throughout the day to make sure the kitchen is functional and pleasant.

The bathrooms are a bit harder to deal with, but it's important to employ a cleaning contractor who will be vigilant with the cleanliness of them.

For example, making sure the toilets are sparkling when people first arrive in the morning will mean they are ready to get on with their day. Coming in to find a dirty bathroom will just leave people demotivated.

It's also important to focus on the issues that people see as their biggest office bugbears. Sticky toilet floors and bad smells are among the very worst factors that turn people away and affect morale.

As well as this, cleaning firms need to focus on things such as keeping toilet roll, paper hand towels and soap dispensers filled throughout the day to ensure that hygiene standards are high throughout the office.