Tips for a cleaner desk: How to create the perfect workspace

October 15th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

For the majority of us, a messy desk will be a reality of our jobs. We spend hours every day slogging away at our stations, and when five o'clock arrives, we just want to go home.

However, the lack of cohesion and tidiness on our desks can actually cause problems with the working day, and can leave us unproductive and lazy – so it's important to know the best way to keep the whole place as tidy as possible.

Resist the need to file

We've all been there – 'I might need this some day' – sticking a document into a drawer or on our desk tidy. But how many times have you actually needed the things you thought you might?

The trick to a tidy desk starts with this issue. You should think long and hard about what you are going to keep for future reference. If your job does not specifically require that piece of paper, you should get rid of it. 

After all, it'll only clutter up the desk, and once it's made its way in there, it's never likely to get thrown out.

Take a ruthless approach

If you've already been filing useless items for years though, you'll want to have a little clear out and get back to a much tidier set up.

The best way to go about this is to be completely ruthless. Again, 'I might need that' should never be a reason to keep something. Get everything out of the drawers, desk tidy and the filing cabinets and be very strict – only put things back in that you really will need.

Keep the desk clear

Once you start cluttering the surface of your desk, there really is no end, and you'll soon have paper, food wrappers, personal items and files all mixed into one big confusing pile again.

Take this problem away by getting everything off the desk. Invest in a corkboard to sit behind your monitor. You can use this for post-it notes, pinning up documents, and even hanging your keys.

It's a great way to keep everything off the desk, ensuring that you can have a productive day without the mess distracting you from getting the job done.