Get the kids involved with classroom cleaning

October 14th, 2013 Category: Educational Establishments

For any school teacher, there are any number of different issues to consider throughout the day, and it can be easy to overlook the cleaning of the classroom.

However, failing to keep your working area spick and span can mean the pupils are less productive, harder to control and generally not performing well, so it's important to make some time to ensure the whole place is kept in order.

One way to do this is to get the kids themselves involved with keeping the place tidy. It does not take all that much effort, and it can mean that you have a room that is very much conducive to hard work and learning without having to spend all of your time tidying up after the kids.

It will also have the benefit of teaching your pupils important life skills. If they are proud of the place they work in each day, this is something that they will always keep with them and it will stand them in good stead in the future.

To make this something that is inherent in your classroom, there are only a few simple things you need to do.

For example, why not look at bringing a recycling policy into the classroom? You can teach the kids about recycling and all the benefits of doing so by having a wall of information.

Beside this, set up a few recycling points so they know where to put plastics, paper and other materials. They will develop a keen interest in this very quickly and will do their bit to keep the class tidy as a result.

Another option you might look at is to introduce an element of competition. Ask different groups to keep a certain area of the classroom tidy over the week and offer some fun prizes for those that do the best job over the period.

Again, this gives the pupils a reason to keep the place nice and tidy, while also instilling the right mindset in them from the get-go.