Office toilets show how companies value their staff

October 9th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning jobs in any office, making sure the desks are wiped down and the bins are emptied regularly will, understandably, be the main concern of any business owner and cleaning contractor to keep staff happy and productive.

However, there are other issues that will affect people in the office, and the one that workers say reflects on their company the most might not be what you expect.

According to a new survey carried out in the US by Bradley Corporation, 93 per cent of people working in offices said that the state of the toilets on offer show how much any business values its staff.

The survey stated that some 61 per cent of people have had good experiences with the bathrooms in their workplace, which makes them happy to come to work, compared to just six per cent who had poor or terrible restrooms in their office.

It also looked at the most common issues that can crop up with regards to toilets in commercial properties. Some 41 per cent of people said they had experienced issues such as sticky floors, very bad smells, clogged or unflushed toilets or empty hand soap and paper towel dispensers.

Firms looking to make sure that they have a happy and productive workforce would therefore do well to make sure these are issues they are keeping on top of at all times. After all, staff who don't want to be in the office for the above reasons will never work to the best of their abilities.

Another issue that seems to bother people surveyed is workplace hygiene. While only eight per cent of respondents said they had seen someone leave the bathroom without washing their hands, it is ranked as a very important issue. 

It could be a good tactic, therefore to look at putting up signage that reminds people to wash their hands, and why. Not only will this help keep workers happy, but it also lowers the risk of germs and illness spreading through the office and affecting productivity.