The importance of a clean office: Part two – where?

October 7th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

Making sure the office is clean has numerous advantages to companies. But do you know the most important areas to target to make sure your business is performing at its very best level?


First impressions are as important for businesses as they are when you meet a new person. The reception is the first part of your office anyone will see when they arrive.

Whether this is a client or a potential new employee, you will want to impress them, so having a reception area that is clean, tidy and free of clutter will be the best way to make sure they want to do business or work with you.


Staff being productive in the office is often something that relies on their own attitude, but there are other factors that can also influence the way people feel at work.

For example, if their desk is cluttered or messy, staff will be far less likely to get the job done as they will be easily distracted.

Top tips can include keeping bins near every desk in the office so they are always easy to access and having a weekly clean out of the desks. 

This is perhaps best done on a Friday afternoon to make sure everyone is ready to go when they come in on Monday morning to a tidy workspace.


As much as people are not exactly keen on using public or office toilets, they will be in use often throughout the day, and keeping on top of their cleanliness is paramount.

Dirty bathrooms can be one way that germs spread, while foul smells will demotivate staff and turn away clients at every turn. 

Having a cleaner who checks on the toilets two or three times a day, if possible, can be a great way to alleviate these issues.

The break room

At lunch time, everyone wants the chance to relax away from their desk. This isn't possible, however, if the designated area happens to be a mess.

Make sure staff have somewhere comfortable to sit and enjoy their lunch by providing plenty of bins, emptying them regularly, and maybe even appointing someone on a rotational basis to be in charge of the general tidiness.

Taking these small steps will ensure you have staff who really are ready for the rest of the day and working hard after their chance to take the weight off and relax.