The importance of a clean office: Part one – why?

October 7th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

Offices are places where people spend more and more of their lives in the modern day, so making sure they are clean and comfortable spaces to work in is a vital consideration.

As well as this, though, there are numerous business reasons for keeping an office spick and span at all times.

Client impression

If you work in a client-facing business, or even if you only ever have sporadic meetings with them in your office, then making sure the space is as clean as possible is vital.

Much like people buying a home, clients will make a conscious snap judgement on a property from the very first time they see it, and this will reflect on your company – be it good or bad.

Having a clean office could be the difference between repeat business and a lack of custom.


It's no secret that a tidy desk makes for a tidy mind, and people working in the office need to be in the right mindset to go about their tasks well all day long.

An untidy or dirty office will make for a place that no one wants to be – they might even dread it. This immediately puts people in the wrong mood and can lead to procrastination and clock watching.


This is particularly important at this time of the year. Having staff who are ill leads to absences, and your company could struggle to fully function if a bout of the flu strikes down too many staff members.

While it is sometimes unavoidable, there are ways to lower the risk of an outbreak – the main one being keeping the office clean.

Air conditioning units, desks and kitchens can all spread infection and illness, while door handles that aren't wiped down can be the main source of germs. Many harbour even more than the average toilet seat.

By being a bit more prudent with cleaning jobs, owners and managers can ensure the risk of illnesses and absence are kept to a minimum.