Keeping your desk tidy to aid productivity

September 30th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

After a long day at the office, dealing with any number of problems and stressful jobs that have come your way, there can be nothing worse than having to tidy up. For most of us, it will be a case of packing up, getting our coat and heading home.

However, this attitude can cause problems when it comes to productivity. When we come into work the next morning, faced with the messy desk from the day before, it can set us off on the wrong foot and leave us feeling demotivated, and that's before the day has even really got started.

For this reason, keeping desks clean and tidy is important, and a job that everyone can do. After all, every little helps, and having staff clean their own desks can be a great way to make sure they take pride not only in their work, but also where they do it.

It's mostly about instilling a system within people and making sure that everyone knows what they need to do to keep their workspace clean at all times. Why not look at setting aside some time for staff to clean their desks once a week, perhaps a Friday afternoon so they don't come into work on a Monday to face a messy desk?

For day-to-day tidiness, you can put a system in place as well. Provide staff with paperclips and staplers so they can keep all their documents pinned together. This will lower the number of loose sheets flying around and causing clutter. These can have a real detrimental effect on concentration.

Other small tips that can make a difference can include things like providing everyone with a desk tidy. Stationary scattered across the desk is a common sight in offices, but it can easily be cut out. 

In addition to this, why not make a place for all coats and bags to hang? This will cost you little, but will mean that all members of staff have somewhere to store their stuff, lowering the amount of clutter at their desk and increasing their concentration and productivity.