Assessing the cleaning task in the new school year

September 30th, 2013 Category: Educational Establishments

It's been three weeks now since the start of the new school term, and the arrival of pupils back into the classrooms across the country. While cleaning firms will have enjoyed an easier period throughout summer in schools, the hard work has started again, and now is a good time to analyse how it's going.

Like with any job, having a plan can make it much easier and more efficient, and this is something that school staff can do to help cleaners with their tasks. 

Not every school year will be the same, and some classes will have far messier workspaces than others, so it can be good to look at analysing the areas of the school that need the most attention to make the task much easier.

Perhaps some areas have been redecorated over the summer and need less of a focus than others thanks to their modernity, or maybe one class is particularly clumsy with its use of paint and other art supplies. Making note of these things and keeping it to hand is a great way to make sure that it's easier for everyone to keep the school spick and span.

Of course, this is not the only thing that can be done to help out at this time of year. Many teachers will just be getting back into the swing of things after a long summer break away from their pupils, and this can take some getting used to.

A new curriculum and a new group of students can mean that teachers have had little time to concentrate on keeping the classroom tidy and clean so far as they concentrate on making sure the pupils are back in the right mindset and learning.

However, now is a great time to take stock. Look to get rid of any stacks of paper and other items that you do not need in the room, and implement a recycling system if you can. This is a great way to not only keep the place fresh and uncluttered, but it will help you engage with students and give them something to aim towards.