Uncomfortable employees are unproductive

September 26th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

In the modern day office, there are a great many ways for workers to procrastinate. Whether it's getting in a quick level or five on Candy Crush or simply perusing the latest Buzzfeed posts, there are any number of distractions provided that can take staff minds away from the task at hand.

According to a new study published by office furniture manufacturer Steelcase, the average member of staff will be distracted for a full 86 minutes every single day at work. It said that 25 per cent of all lost time is a result of a distraction of some sort.

However, did you know that this figure rises drastically when they are faced with an environment in which they are not comfortable? Poor chairs, a lack of air conditioning and any number of other factors can all play into this, but in short, those who are not feeling at home in the office will lose an average of 91 minutes per day to procrastination.

One of the biggest factors for this can be a lack of cleanliness. For those who feel that the office is dirty or untidy, it can be enough to put them off their work and lose a sizeable chunk of the day – this means an effective cleaning company is an absolute essential for all companies.

Making sure that the desks around the office are clear of any clutter, for example, can leave staff feeling a lot more focused. If there is less paper and fewer files all over the place, then they will be less confused and as a result able to see what they are doing more clearly.

Then there are just the simple things like overflowing bins and dirty kitchens. These can make staff really feel disconnected at work and like they don't want to be in the office, meaning that they will work less – even if it is subconsciously.

For the forward thinking company then, it is always important to make sure the office is as clean and tidy as possible. Staff productivity depends on it.