Office populations increase the need for cleanliness

September 26th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

The need for cleanliness and a policy for keeping offices tidy is always paramount. It helps staff focus, and leads to a task driven team that will be far more productive.

However, according to a new study, having a tidy and clean office has never been more important, with the density of populations in British work spaces now increasing, and more and more staff feeling like they have less space than they used to.

The British Council of Offices (BCO) said the average density of offices at the current time is 10.9 square metres per workplace. This is compared to 11.8 metres squared per workplace in the previous study carried out in 2008.

And earlier reports also appear to show that office density in the 90s was even higher, with an average across the decade of 16.6 square metres per workplace.

What this means then is that office cleaning is more important than ever, with a strong policy required in order to make sure that workspaces are kept as tidy as possible. Clutter in an office that already has less space than people may have been used to in the past will be a formula for unproductive workers and people becoming frustrated with where they work.

Putting in place such tactics as the setting up of dedicated recycling areas can help cut the amount of paper that is left on workspaces and desks, meaning that the whole office immediately feels less busy and more relaxed.

You should also look to ask staff to clean out their desks once a month to make sure there is not a backlog of junk and rubbish making the place feel cramped and horrible to work in. Set aside an hour or an afternoon to allow for this to make sure it is always getting done.

And of course, more staff means there will be more rubbish around, so ensure you have a reliable cleaning company in place that will empty bins regularly and keep waste to a minimum.