Chinese building managers to fine those with a poor aim

September 19th, 2013 Category: Building Management

Cleaners' jobs can be difficult enough when it comes to tough carpet stains and cleaning up the messiest of desks, and often it can feel like staff are to blame – but some building management firms in China are innovating with a new tactic that may seem extreme to many people.

According to reports, those who visit public toilets in the city of Shenzhen will need to show that they have a good aim when using the facilities, as those who fail to hit the mark will be fined on the spot.

The penalty, which amounts to around £10, will be handed out to those who offend in the southern city. Internet users have taken to various websites to give a rather tongue in cheek response to the proposal, with many suggesting toilet inspectors will need to be deployed every time someone visits.

While this is a rather extreme measure unlikely to ever make its way to the British office environment, there are other ways that building managers can give staff and tenants an (admittedly less serious) incentive to keep the place clean.

In offices, for example, there is often a lot of paper, and this can clutter up desks and end up leaving the whole place looking like a mess.

Providing recycling bins can be a rather easy way to get around this. If there are a number of companies in the same building, managers might think about, for example, offering a prize for the one that recycles the most paper rather than just throwing it away.

Moves like this will not only help to keep the office a lot cleaner and tidier, but will also assist in lessening the environmental impact of a building.

And then there's the added bonus that tenants winning prizes, such as staff away days, will feel far happier in their contract, making them far more likely to stay on board and sign an extension to their contract.