Walmart reveals intention to ‘go green’

September 18th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

One of the world's biggest retail firms is looking to become a leading figure in the bid for green cleaning, as it asks its manufacturers to consider removing certain toxic chemicals from their products in order to make them more environmentally friendly.

Walmart, which owns UK supermarket chain Asda, said it wants to see ten chemicals taken out of any products, or those making them will risk having them taken off shelves until they do so.

In addition to this, Walmart said that moving forward it will require companies making cleaning products and make up to disclose exactly what is in any product before it goes on sale with Walmart in order to help the company with its push towards becoming more green. 

While Walmart has yet to reveal the details of the products it will want to see eliminated, experts believe that many of them will be those which are found in every day household cleaning products and have also been linked to illnesses.

When the new project comes into effect in early 2014, Walmart said it will self regulate to ensure that companies supplying it with products are making moves to eradicate the chemicals and replace them with safer alternatives that will have less of an environmental impact.

And while it will not report publicly on the project's progress until 2016, the firm did say that it would be putting pressure on companies that have yet to remove the chemicals to put labels onto their products that indicate the presence. 

The move from the retailer has gained praise for its innovation and the impact it can have both on the health of the public and the environment in general. As the first company of its size to make this sort of move, it could also mean setting an example later followed all around the world, making the cleaning market a much greener place.