The benefits of green cleaning in building management

September 11th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

Green cleaning is becoming more and more popular these days, with more firms realising there can be some form of environmental benefit to looking at ways to go green. However, do you really know the positive effects that can be garnered from taking this step?

Impact on occupant health

The health of people using any building, perhaps an office block, is vital, and this can be affected by people not using green cleaning products.

For example, using chemicals that are irritants can have an effect on skin and eye problems among staff, while others might end up causing asthma attacks in sufferers because of strong smells.

This can all have an impact on productivity and attendance, which can ultimately hit the bottom line for firms, meaning most will be pleased to actually have the chance to use green products.

Environmental impact

This is the one we all know about, but how much do most people really know beyond the fact it is a benefit in general?

The fact is quite straightforward though. Chemicals are normally disposed of down toilets or sinks, and this means that these harmful materials make their way into the water supply or even landfill sites (if still in their containers), which can have an impact on the recycling market.

Damage to buildings

Did you know that not using green products can actually have something of a negative impact on the actual building itself and mean you have to spend more money on repairs?

For example, chemicals commonly used by cleaning firms every day, such as bleach, are oxidants. When these are poured down sinks or toilets, they can end up corroding the water pipes, and cause leaks.

Down the line, of course, these need to be repaired, causing a much larger fee for the building owner than they would like. With green cleaning products, this is not an issue that rears its head, as those used are far kinder on pipes, leaving costs lower over a number of years.