Exeter cleaners praised for handing in £600,000

September 11th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

Two council cleaners who found cash while clearing out the home of a deceased resident have been praised for their honesty after they handed in the money to officials, the BBC reports.

The two workers were carrying out a sizeable job on behalf of Exeter City Council, and reports state that they discovered a haul of gold and jewellery in the flat worth a lot of money, as well as more than £600,000 in cash.

Exeter City Council said the two members of its staff, Steve Yeo and Chris Lawrence found the large sum of cash around the house in various envelopes. 

It said it is now doing all it can to make sure the money reaches the person who should inherit it by tracing the next of kin of the woman, who lived in the city's Alphington area.

Cleaning and fleet manager, and the man in charge of Mr Yeo and Mr Lawrence, Simon Hill, said the pair had shown integrity to hand the cash in, proving themselves and the council itself to be of the highest honesty and working properly.

He added that it was a very large sum of cash which could have easily gone undetected, but while unscrupulous individuals may have been tempted to not hand it in, Mr Yeo and Mr Lawrence had done the right thing.

"Of course we expect high standards of honesty from council employees, but it's a great pleasure to know they behaved with such integrity."

House clearances like this don't always throw up feel-good stories though. For example, a recent job in the West Country caused consternation among NHS patients when many were told that the details of their treatment, as well as their personal information, was discovered in a cottage in Cheddon Fitzpaine.

The cleaner who found the papers said: "I could see they shouldn't have been in that domestic situation – they should have been shredded securely by the hospital, not thrown in black bin liners."