Newport gallery calls for community cleaning

September 9th, 2013 Category: Building Management

An owner of an art gallery in Newport has criticised the local council after saying that the area around her establishment is being left untidy and unhygienic, even when calls to have it cleaned are made.

Janet Martin, the owner of Barnabas Arts House on New Ruperra street Newport, has said she finds all manner of items dumped in the alley next to her building, including the likes of fridges, TVs, beds, bins and piles of raw rice, adding that anything anyone can think of, she has found there.

Ms Martin said things being dumped in the street is a regular occurrence for her at her gallery, but added that in spite of this, the council fails to respond in good times to her requests to have the area cleaned.

She said that the local authority can often take between seven and ten days to respond and send someone out to deal with the mess, a problem that she says has led to her taking new steps to tackle the issue.

The owner has offered to provide her own gallery as a hub for community cleaning in the area, saying that it needs to be dealt with by the locals, even if it is they themselves who are causing the problems in the first place.

“I don’t mind cleaning up rubbish," she said, adding: "They need pride […] and to realise how good it could be."

The problem does not just stem from hygiene issues though, as Ms Martin believes that the lane itself has so much to offer in terms of community and culture to the town.

She said that the lane is brilliantly positioned and has the potential to become a hub for street art and community projects. This, she added, could help to transform the street into Newport's own version of Brick Lane in London. At the moment, though, she said, it just puts visitors off and gives them the wrong notion of the town as a whole.