Top tips for green cleaning in the office: Part Two

September 3rd, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

Part two of our guide to green cleaning the office.

Becoming greener as a firm is something that many businesses want to achieve moving forward, so just how should you make sure that your company is taking steps in the right direction and moving towards an environmentally-friendly future?

5. Be aware of the cleaning products you use.

This does not just apply to chemicals. While you will want to make sure that the cleaning agents you use are not corrosive or damaging in any way to the environment, it can be easy to overlook other issues.

Many companies rely heavily on paper towel usage, but these will be thrown away after one use and end up in landfills. They contribute some 3,000 tons of waste each year globally, so any cut in this will be beneficial in the long run.

Buy cloths and wipes for cleaning surfaces that can be reused time and again to ensure that you are making a difference.

6. Eco-friendly bin bags.

These ending up on the landfill is one of the biggest contributing factors to environmental damage each year, with most bin bags not being biodegradable. Only two per cent are ever recycled, which is bad news when you consider they can take over a century to break down.

You should make sure that your company is using bags made of recycled plastics or compostable materials to have a positive impact on the green rating of your office.

7. Use natural cleaning options

Cleaning does not have to mean using the big brand cleaning products, and it can often be the case that sufficient solutions can be found within the office that are far more environmentally friendly.

For example, you can make use of baking soda to tackle all manner of tasks such as spillages on carpets around the office or on worktops that have become stained over time. It will work just as well and is far greener than the alternative chemicals used in the past.