Have a clear out to get rid of the junk

August 30th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

We've all heard the old adage in the past that a messy desk makes for a messy mindset, meaning a loss in concentration, a drop in focus and lower productivity. But do we know the effects of having a cluttered and generally untidy office in general?

It is remarkable the number of things that companies and staff will accumulate over the years and never throw away, be they files, documents or just general day to day items. Have you ever walked around the office looking for a place to put something and found that one is hard to come by? If so, it could be the case that your office needs a de-cluttering.

Managers and owners could do well to dedicate an entire day to bringing the office back into line. Set up recycling points and ask members of staff to spend half an hour or so to clean up their desks, throwing away documents that they have allowed to pile up since the day they started.

It can also be a good idea to look at storage cupboards. Many offices tend to have spaces filled with empty printer paper boxes and the like, so spending a little while getting rid of this needless clutter can free up a significant amount of space in the office. Use your new found cupboard areas as filing zones – perhaps set up different boxes for different types of files. This will allow staff to keep their desk clutter to a minimum and increase their productivity day to day.

Even the kitchen can become an area filled with clutter. Have you ever looked inside the office fridge? Chances are that if you do you will find an area filled with empty food containers and items that are far beyond their sell by dates. Give everyone an ultimatum to claim things they still want, and if they have not done so by the deadline, throw it all away. Having space to store your lunch can have a surprising impact on the general harmony within the office.