Top tips for a summer clean of the office

August 29th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

Cleaning an office thoroughly can be a difficult task given the amount of time that staff will spend in it almost every day, but when summer comes around, it can often be the best time to get into the office and look to get tasks done that might evade you throughout the rest of the year.

For example, cleaning carpets thoroughly and getting the chance to rid them of stains can be a tough ask when people are always walking around, but in the summer months, people are less likely to be staying late while the office will also be a little quieter with people being on holiday.

Take the chance to shampoo the carpets at this time of year, as they will also have a chance of drying out much more quickly, which means that they will be good to go by the time staff next arrive for work, not risking your good work being undone.

Another area that this theory works for is the walls. Wiping them down can be favourable to taking on the arduous task of repainting, and the summer weather will again mean that they have dried before the office is populated once again.

Other tips can also include cleaning the blinds in the office properly. Dust will build up all year, but chances are that you might only notice when the better weather shows the dust up more obviously. For this reason, it is great to take a duster and give them a good clean, giving the office a much fresher feel.

The same applies to windows. Less rain throughout the summer means the air is far drier and dustier, and this can stick to the windows, with the bright sunlight making it obvious that they are dirty and need attention.

If your office is on the ground floor, you can take the chance to do it yourself, but anyone with a higher up office space should make sure cleaning contractors are hired to ensure the job is done safely.