Deep cleans before the school term are essential

August 28th, 2013 Category: Educational Establishments

With the start of the school term now just a week away, it is vital that all classes are prepared and ready for the return of pupils and in a state that will be conducive to learning and teaching.

Kids will always be a bit hyper and excited when they first come back, seeing many of their friends for the first time in weeks and regaling them with tales of how they spent their summer, so it is important that they have a place to learn that encourages them to get back into the swing of things.

A deep clean will be carried out in the school by the cleaning contractors responsible for it in order to get rid of any germs and stains that have been present since the previous term, meaning that the place is hygienic and sparkling for the new term.

However, there are things that teachers can do to prepare for the new term as well, and making sure that the classroom is in tip top shape is the key consideration they will need to make.

It must have been all-too tempting at the end of last term to just leave the classroom as it was and head off for that well-deserved break, but teachers should be prepared to get right back into the swing of things and this means sorting out mess.

If pupils have their own trays, you will want to empty these out to prepare for the new class coming in, so having a box for lost property and a bin to discard unneeded items will be vital.

Then there will be all of last year's work. Whether it be the marking you completed, projects on the walls or just piles of homework, it will be important to start afresh and free of clutter. Use a recycling bin to get rid of all the paper and give yourself room to begin the new school year from scratch.