Cleaning needs to be addressed in offices

August 20th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

Cleaning companies have an important role to play in any office environment, keeping the place clean and tidy so that workers have a great place to come and work in each day without hygiene risks and safe in the knowledge that they have somewhere to work that is conducive to getting stuff done.

However, in many offices there is an over-reliance on cleaning staff and a misplaced belief that it is acceptable to simply leave everything to them at the end of the day. Managers and owners can do a lot for their office and staff by making sure they take the time to address issues and tackle certain things on their own.

Desks are one of the most common issues. No one wants infection and illness spreading around the office and causing staff to take days off, and the workspaces themselves are the biggest breeding ground for bacteria and diseases given how much time people spend at them.

However, while most people will expect cleaners to give their desk a wipe down, they will not do so if the area is covered in notes and papers for fear of losing or misplacing something important. Therefore, to make sure that desks are getting the cleaning they need, implement a clean desk policy to ensure that everyone is doing their bit to get desks wiped.

Try organising your cleaning for a time that is most suitable for everyone in the office as well. If you have people who regularly stay at work after hours, then make sure that the cleaner is able to come at times when they have finished. Working around people is not great for cleaners, and stuff can sometimes get missed by accident.

Finally, set up a cleaning policy for some of the smaller things – cleaners do not need to be wasting their time by washing coffee cups and plates. Asking staff to do this in turn or even looking into getting a dishwasher can be a good way to make sure that cleaners have more time to dedicate to the more important tasks and having your office sparkling clean.