Make keeping the classroom clean fun

August 16th, 2013 Category: Educational Establishments

Teachers across the UK will always be aware of the importance of making sure that they are operating in a clean environment. 

As well as making sure the pupils do not get ill, having them working in a tidy and clean environment has been proven as being a way of ensuring that kids learn as well as possible, with concentration and focus both likely to be adversely affected if rooms are not as wel kept as they can be.

Cleaning contractors have an important role to play in any classroom, but for those who want to make sure that the class is always as clean as it can be, why not turn towards making the task fun for kids?

Clutter, for example, can be a big issue in classrooms. Kids are not the most tidy, so it can easily get out of hand with paper and other waste materials lying around the room. You can introduce recycling bins to your class. Use coloured signs and information about the good recycling does to ensure that kids not only appreciate, but want to be a part of it.

You could even use incentives. Why not offer kids stickers when they recycle correctly and then give them some time off lessons to play games or read when they have earned enough? 

Other things you can do to keep classes tidy can include the likes of making it into a game. Preparing a room for an art lesson, for example, is vital to ensure desks, chairs and carpets do not become damaged by paint and glue, but it can  be arduous to do each time.

One thing you might look to do is to involve the pupils. Ask them to see who can make sure the newspapers are on the desks quickest – kids love to turn things into games and competitions, and this is a great way to ensure your area stays as clean and stain free as possible.