Dirty offices can lead to stress

August 16th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

We all know that cleaning in offices will be vital in order to make sure everyone operating within them is healthy, and that infections and illness cannot be easily spread around, but did you know that having an unclean or untidy workspace can actually increase the levels of stress that staff deal with?

Research shows that people who are working in high pressure jobs already feel stressed when dealing with customers, clients and colleagues, but this can get worse if they do not have a serene surrounding to work in.

This is why cleaning companies are absolutely vital, but there are also things that can be done by management and business owners to make sure that the office is always in tip-top shape and keeping workers happy and productive.

For example, keeping clutter to a minimum will be a great way to ensure people's minds are not equally messy and disorganised. This can be achieved by implementing systems and initiatives that will be easy to follow.

Managers can discourage piles of paper on desks by setting up an area where all documents are filed, keeping the desks around the office tidy. They might also consider looking towards ways in which they can lower clutter by setting up recycling points. Not only will these keep documents away from the desks, but juice bottles and cans can also have their own recycling area, making the whole office area cleaner.

As well as at their desks, though, staff will also spend time in other areas of the office throughout any working day, so these need to be kept in check as well.

Start with the staff room. Lunch breaks can be the only escape from the daily routine, so making sure that employees can have somewhere to sit that is clean and tidy will be paramount. 

Managers can try allocating someone each week on a rota basis to take responsibility for the area and make sure it is free of rubbish and cleaned. Providing plenty of bins and cleaning materials such as cloths and air fresheners will also allow people to clean as they go, which is always the best tactic.