Teachers can help with keeping schools clean and tidy

August 14th, 2013 Category: Educational Establishments

When it comes to keeping areas clean and tidy, there are few places that can be harder to keep in top shape than schools. While office workers or other staff in different buildings may be conscious of their obligations to keep it in some sort of order, kids will not be as aware generally.

For the most part, school cleaning will be carried out by contract cleaners, who will come in when the day is done and get rid of all the clutter and mess of the day.

However, there are some things that teachers and other members of school staff can do to make sure that they keep their environment in the best shape, making it a hygienic and clean place to work and teach.

Stains can be one of the biggest bugbears in primary schools in particular, with art classes bringing out the most careless behaviour in kids eager to get on with projects, so teachers should think ahead.

Why not put paper or sheets on the floors around tables when the kids are painting or using glue to ensure that any spillages do not damage the carpets and cause a need for stain removal treatment?

A similar tactic can be used on desks around the room. Most primary schools will have art lessons in the same room as their other classes, so teachers often use newspaper on desks to stop the need to scrape paint off them further down the line.

Outside of the classroom, there are other areas to keep clean. One example is the staff room. These can often become quickly cluttered and far messier than any other area of the school, making lunch breaks unpleasant.

Schools might look into employing a rota system that will ensure that people take their turn at keeping the staff room free of rubbish and dirty dishes, making sure that it is an enjoyable and hygienic place for teachers to enjoy their break each day.