Impress clients with a clean office

August 12th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

Everyone knows the importance of a first impression, whether we are heading to a job interview or just meeting someone for the first time and looking to have a positive impact.
However, business owners will know that first impressions don't just apply to people, but companies as well, and when meeting clients, for example, it is vital to paint an attractive picture of the firm so business is not lost to a rival.
If staff are going to be meeting clients within your office, then as an owner you need to realise the effect that your workplace can have on their general impression of your company.
Cluttered desks, dirty stained floors and a messy kitchen will all have someone thinking subconsciously-negative thoughts about your company, and this can end up losing you deals.
So before you welcome clients into the office, why not employ a system to ensure everything is in order and well presented? Cleaning contractors will be the obvious route to go down, as they will bring a professional job, leaving you with peace of mind that your office is spick and span.
There are things that can be done within the office and with the help of staff. One example can be to make sure the kitchen is not full of empty mugs and bowls. Why not set up a staff rota for keeping an eye on the area? This will mean it always looking good.
You might also want to set aside time for staff to clean up their desks. We all have things that we will never use on our desks, and documents from years ago, so give everyone time to get rid of the clutter. This will make your business look far more professional to potential customers.
Other things you might want to try could include making sure that bins are emptied regularly and that files are all kept in a specified area to reduce the general clutter around the office and make a great first impression on potential clients.