Cleaning firms can make use of natural solutions

August 7th, 2013 Category: Educational Establishments

For any cleaning firm, saving money on products for carrying out important tasks can be something that they always aspire to, and while there are some areas where spending cannot be reigned in for hygiene reasons, there are others where natural products found around any kitchen can be used to give any cleaning job a perfect shine.

For example, for those people cleaning schools, some of the most demanding tasks can often be dealing with stains – especially in primary and nursery schools. Art classes are fun for youngsters, but not so much for the cleaning staff at the end of the day when the carpet is littered with paint and glue stains.

However, there are ways to eradicate such problems, as well as having a positive effect on the bottom line and the environment at the same time. Cheap and natural carpet cleaners can be made from mixing water with everyday white vinegar, and rubbing this into the carpet will help to remove the stain without having to buy expensive stain removers.

Similarly, when it comes to the dinner hall, whether schools use hardwood flooring or linoleum, food can be trampled into the floor and make it hard to get rid of. Again, vinegar and water is a great way to shift any stain naturally, while adding a few drops of vegetable oil into this particular solution will also help give school hall floors an added shine without polish or expensive buffing machinery.

One cleaning firm, Hunter Best Cleaning, writing in USA Today, said that there are a number of different ways that companies and domestic cleaners alike can make use of everyday items to clean their home without cost and naturally.

It said that bleach is a commonly used product at home and in the workplace, but added that it can create toxic fumes, making it bad for the environment. Instead, the company advised using the likes of vinegar, which can kill up to 90 per cent of bacteria and leave any area sparkling.