Schools ‘require green cleaning methods’

July 31st, 2013 Category: Educational Establishments

Green cleaning products and techniques should be championed by schools in order to protect the health of their students and set a good example.

Around a quarter of the chemicals used in conventional cleaning products are toxic, which contributes to poor indoor air quality, smog, asthma and many other diseases. By switching to green cleaning products, it means many of the harmful chemicals are avoided, and it can also lead to better results and set a good example for future generations.  

The Environmental Protection Agency states: “From elementary school maintenance closets to high school chemistry labs, schools use a variety of chemicals. Some of the most essential chemicals are those that keep schools clean and safe for students to learn and grow. However, the chemicals used in cleaning products can sometimes be harmful to human health and to the environment.”

Many schools across the country have already started to switch to green cleaning products or started using green cleaning contractors, such as Nviro. Using alternative, environmentally friendly products ensures that many of the harmful chemicals are not being used around the school. Green cleaning products are free of irritants that contribute to asthma, skin rashes, cancer, neurological problems and other health issues. What’s more, it sets a good precedent for future generations.

Cleaning has been revolutionised over the past few years in line with a push by businesses, schools and other organisations to become more eco friendly. Teachers can use this momentum to educate children about the harmful chemicals used in many everyday products, and also create DIY cleaning substances that are both easy to make and far less harmful. Keep up to date with cleaning news on our site for tips and advice about how to do this.