Ultimate declutter planner: part 2

July 30th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

Part one of our Ultimate Declutter Plan addressed the many reasons why businesses should be looking to declutter their office, but now’s time for action. 

Once you have assessed the reasons why your office is bogged down in clutter, you can start to plan long-term solutions for overcoming the problem. Creating a good plan is the solution to any big problem, so get to work on a spreadsheet with duties, time allocation and resources, ensuring that you cover all aspects of the office and leave no stone unturned. 

The best declutter strategies will involve the entire team and mean a complete overhaul. If at all possible, you can completely empty your office and start from the floor upwards, which could even prompt a re-design in terms of layout and desk positioning. Make sure there are plenty of storage containers on hand and, more importantly, rubbish and recycling bins which are ready to be filled to the brim with office junk. 

Many find throwing desk items away a little difficult, but there are two simple questions to ask when considering whether to dispose of workplace goods; is it necessary for your work, and does it have motivational value? If the piece in question fulfils neither requirement, to the bin it must go! 

Other things that may clutter the office are things such as electronics and equipment, which can’t be moved away, but can be managed. Make sure all wires are tied up and desktops are neatly stored. Remember at all times that the best declutter strategies work to minimalist principles, so leave as little as possible on the desk occupying as small place as possible. 

In order to maintain a productive and organised office, hiring a cleaning contractor is a great way of keeping on top of the good work that has been put in.