Eco-gadgets for ultramodern clean

July 29th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

Most aspects of the modern office are being transformed by mod cons, which is why it’s hardly surprising that cleaning equipment is being revamped to make day-to-day chores more eco friendly.

Living Green magazine has looked into some of the highly innovative cleaning devices which are starting to be used in modern offices and homes. Although there are many established cleaning products and techniques already being used by some leading cleaning companies, the scope of new technology available is really quite amazing, and also rather encouraging.

Take, for example, a new design for a door handle with a self-sterilization system. It is commonly recognised that door handles and knobs are bacteria breeding grounds, which is why everyday cleaning is essential. However, the new technology uses UV light to eradicate germs that are living on handles and allows for sterilisation throughout the day, reducing common communicable diseases.

Another interesting innovation is the eco friendly cardboard vacuum cleaner, which has been designed by a UK student. The vacuum is constructed from its own packaging, including the wheels, and saves having to be disposed in a landfill site as it is fully recyclable.

Some other designs which can be utilised both at home and in the office include an integrated washing machine-toilet and air purifiers. The former design was submitted by Sevin Coskun and uses the grey water from the washing machine to flush the toilet, saving space and reducing water consumption. The Air Clean Ball uses a photocatalyst complex to sterilises the air particles. Dubbed the fruit bowl of the future, it uses an internal filter to purify the air, removing viruses and bacteria.

Until these inventions are released on a wide scale, companies can rely on contract cleaners such as Nviro to administer thorough cleans on a daily basis with a minimal impact on the environment.