Latitude organisers in ‘big green clean’

July 24th, 2013 Category: Building Management

Glastonbury’s big clean up was one of the most environmentally-friendly on record, which is something the organisers of Latitude have tried to replicate after a week of live music, poetry and theatre in Suffolk.

Once a little-known event, Latitude has soared to popularity over the past few years, becoming a big part of the British annual festival calendar. With a daily capacity of 35,000, people from around the world descend on Henham Park in Suffolk over a week in July to celebrate all things creative, with guest stars Bloc Party and Richard Ashcroft both making appearances at this year’s event.

But once the festivities are over, administering a clean up of the venue is somewhat of a mammoth task. As organisers of Glastonbury are all too familiar, the hard work often begins when the people leave, and returning England’s green farmland back to its previous state can be more challenging than enticing the country’s biggest acts to play there in the first place.

Event organiser Festival Republic aims to restore Henham Park to its usual green glory by operating a cleanup strategy which minimises the waste going to landfill through recycling and composting. Discarded tents will be cleaned and transformed into luxury sustainable gift wrap by Devon company Wrag Wrap, and tents that can be reused will be given to community groups and charities.

Five groups of local scouts and charities went on site and collected 45 tents, discarded wellies and 300 sleeping bags and gave them to Oxfam. The valiant effort has returned the beautiful farmlands back to their original state, benefiting the local community and with little impact on the environment. It goes to show that a little organisation can turn difficult tasks into tremendous success stories.