Office cleaning; there’s an app for that

July 18th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

Building management is entering the digital age with new apps to monitor and highlight the work being done by office cleaners.

A cleaning company based in Scotland has developed a new app specially designed to let them record how well their cleaners are performing. The digital solution will also be used to highlight the work cleaners do in commercial premises, as most duties are carried out after office hours making it difficult to appreciate how the company’s money is being spent.

Niall Moffat, managing director at Spotless Commercial Cleaning, explained: “Customers sometimes don’t see what their cleaners are doing for them because they are in the office late at night or early in the morning. This can help to demonstrate the service they get.”

Business managers are able to log health and safety problems at their sites and keep a closer eye on operations. Information from building management procedures is available instantly on the app, rather than being delivered in time-consuming paper documents or not recorded at all.

For larger cleaning companies, the digital solution also provides a way of feeding information back from tens and sometimes hundreds of staff into a single database. Inspired by an app called Around Me – which lists banks, cafés and other businesses in the area surrounding your phone – the novel concept uses digital technology to collate information from disparate sources into a single source which can be analysed. In fields such as office cleaning and building management, the new insight could prove to be a useful asset for managers looking to streamline operations or simply oversee work that is being done.